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The amount of data you need to handle is growing on a daily basis?

Want to safely access all your files regardless of location and without the need for expensive in-house security teams?

That's why YourMSP is here - to partner with you and deliver the cloud migration expertise you need.

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End-to-end cloud migration services

YourMSP's cloud migration solutions help companies reduce physical resource requirements and increase productivity.

With our time-tested approaches and methodologies, we will assist you with hassle-free migration to the cloud.

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Cloud Migrations With Proven Methodologies

Cloud migration services we provide

As one of the best cloud migration companies, we constantly implement modern solutions and monitor for new ones. In short - we keep our eyes on the ball!

Cloud migration consulting

Let us point out why you should switch to the cloud. There are many benefits of migrating, including reducing operating costs, developing the most appropriate solutions for your business, generating variability in innovation, and more.

Cloud migration roadmap

After taking our time to meet your business, employees, the way you work, and other teeny tiny things, we will be able to find the best cloud solution that makes everyone's job easier.

Infrastructure migration

Our infrastructure migration experts will utilize their experience and knowledge to seamlessly migrate your applications, data, mainframe, and financial records to the best cloud platform.

Cloud costs optimization

Regardless of your choice, we will help you cut down unnecessary underlying cloud costs, meaning you will pay only for what you use and need. We take a customer-first approach and solve cloud costs problems in an experienced and savvy way.

Why choose our cloud migration process

Here at YourMSP, we try to explain to customers everything down to the smallest detail before we start doing any migration.

Whether you need to move from one cloud provider to another (e.g., Microsoft Azure) or you are green, our cloud migration can deliver an array of business perks:

Reduced IT costs

Almost every second business that moved to the cloud reported significant savings on IT department costs. This is why we take our time to learn about your business and discuss the best pay-as-you-go cloud migration solution that will 100% suit your needs.


It is much easier to grow your business and improve the quality of your services when using cloud computing. We can prepare our cloud infrastructure for your growth and adjust things for the amount of traffic your business is exposed to. We make scalability happen right away!


We know that data security is at the forefront of every business, meaning we always do our best to stay on top of the latest innovations in cloud security. Our cloud solutions and technology reduce the risk of data breach or hack, saving you a lot of money in the long run.


Because all your files are stored in the cloud, your employees can access them from anywhere in the world, on any device, and at any time, no matter what happens to your on-premise machinery. These things open so many new opportunities for your company to grow.

YourMSP's cloud migration strategy


Determining the point of departure for successful cloud migration. We will check apps' and files' cloud migration preparedness and determine the order of distribution according to their properties and priorities.


Choosing the best cloud migration plan. We aim to help you take the burden off your employees' shoulders. It is all about having a solid plan and strategy in place to avoid possible data loss, lack of uptime, and delays.

Execution and optimization

Once we are good to go, we will implement the best migration option and bring our specialists to make your cloud environment flawless. This includes constantly monitoring your cloud environment as well.

Ongoing support

At this stage, we are providing our customers with constant support that includes: monitoring current changes and updates, tracking of execution of tasks and processes, and giving valuable recommendations for effective workload management.