Local Municipalities

Your town's operations and safety depends on a secure computer network. Beyond the ensuring the integrity of data network needed for the town hall, you have to think about the communications with first responders: police, fire and emergency personnel.

A Local municipality must have highly available, highly functioning and actively monitored IT infrastructure. At YOURMSP, we make this possible with ease.

Managed IT Services - Local Municipalities.
Managed IT Services - Local Municipalities.Managed IT Services - Local Municipalities.Managed IT Services - Local Municipalities.
Our mission

100% reliable and secure IT

We have been helping municipalities since 2001, ensuring that you have the IT support you need to stay on top of daily activities and effectively manage possible emergencies. We have the technical know-how to keep all your softwares (BMSI, Avatar, Interware, Munis, CAMA, etc) upgraded and working.