Project Services

YourMSP provides design services for commercial, multi-tenant and hospitality facilities throughout the Northeast.

Managed IT Services - Project Services.
Managed IT Services - Conferencing.


Meeting rooms exist for effective meetings - and to impress your potential clientele. Your meeting room should be easy to use and have the correct equipment for your budget. We help you maximize the value you get out of your investment into your facility.

Conference/Meeting Room Systems

Available for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and BYOD configuration systems. Options can without or without camera and speakers.

Custom Conference/Meeting Rooms

Custom designs to meet your in person and virtual presentation requirements.

Speakers, Microphones, Displays, and Digital Signal Processors

Allows for ease of managing audio inputs and outputs. Installed to ensure audio signals are delivered clear, and intelligible to enhance your meeting experience.

“You should at least call with MSPL DEMO. Their installation is so robust; really satisfying!”

“Automation saves my company 30 hours per week; can't believe I didn't do this before!”

“You should at least call with MSPL DEMO. Their installation is so robust; really satisfying!”

Managed IT Services - Audio Visual Solutions.

Audio visual solutions

Rather than having a broken media system, with each room being isolated from the others, consider our complete integration service.

You will be able to easily direct your media wherever you want. Whether it is to every screen in your facility or to a single room, our integration services ensures your media is where you need it to be.

Audio and Video Distribution

We can send audio and video anywhere in a building using video over IP.

Digital Signage

Used for advertising and marketing information through your workspaces.

Video Walls

Maximize wall space and enhance your visitor engagement and experience.

Lighting and Shades Control

Automated shades and lighting can help your  heating and cooling system operate efficiently.

Touch Panels

Various sizes are available to meet your design and room control requirements.

Managed IT Services - Lighting.


The perfect 21st century lighting for your office, should be under your control, 24/7. You should be able to set the tone for work before getting there; turn off all lights after a busy day, right from your mobile phone. We set you up with a lighting system that is fully connected and under your control.

With this unique offering, we taking our IT management a step further by ensuring your lighting, cooling and heating system at the office is always up to par. We're out to take away every single IT related challenge, you can point to us if something goes wrong with a light fixture!

Digital Signage

The signage at the entrance of your company, or the lobby of your office, says a lot about your attention to details to prospective customers. You do a great job at getting the real work done, but your to-be clients would literally judge your excellence by the fact that your signage isn't lit up.

At YourMSP, we're leaving nothing to chance. With our energy-saving set up, we ensure you signage in consistently lit up, even in the event of an outage. This shows the world that you are always ready for business, and you get to take all the credit (that's why we're partners).

Managed IT Services - Digital Signage.
Managed IT Services - Building Automation.

Building Automation

A fully automated office goes to show that you did not just find yourself in the 21st century, you LIVE in this era. You can focus on getting real work done, while we make sure your office is fully automated, with security in place.

Now, you can truly be incomplete control of your physical site. Even while you're not watching, our 24/7 smart surviellance detects unauthorized movement and we can immediately call the attention of security bodies.


Protect your office by making sure that unwanted visitors stay where they should; outside. We assess your situation and install an access control system (ACS) that offers flexibility, dependability and ease of use.

There has been a lot of innovation in ACS industry and it allows a variety of options; biometrics, access codes, allowing temporary access from a remote location and more.

IP Access Control Systems

Includes options for RFID, Standard, Wireless, and Bluetooth keypads.

IP Intercoms with built in IP Camera

We can provide solutions that include IP intercoms with integrated IP cameras for an all in one solution.

IP Answering Units

Options to answer intercoms or allow facility entry, and manage access controls. Desktop, Mobile, and Wall Mount options available.

Managed IT Services - Security.Managed IT Services - Security.Managed IT Services - Security.